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Profelac Silver

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Product description

ProfeLAC Silver - 20kg

The trusted choice in non-medicated calf milk replacers and foal milk replacers, uniquely formulated for calves and foals while offering a versatile and safe liquid milk feed for all farm animals. Designed for less intensive operations and on-farm rearing of infant animals, ProfeLAC Silver is crafted for situations where the risk of disease is relatively low, ensuring the health and performance of your animals from the start.

Key Features:

- Non-Medicated Formula: ProfeLAC Silver stands out as a non-medicated calf and foal milk replacer. Specifically formulated for calves and foals, it is ideal for less intensive operations and on-farm rearing where the risk of disease is relatively low.

- Versatile Application: ProfeLAC Silver is designed for ease of use, offering a convenient all-in-one product that is easy to mix. This user-friendly feature simplifies the feeding process, making it a practical choice for farmers and caregivers in various settings.

- Suitable for All Breeds: Whether rearing dairy or beef breeds, ProfeLAC Silver is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of all breeds. This inclusive design ensures that all calves and foals receive the essential nutrition required for optimal health and performance.

- Versatile and Safe Liquid Feed: Beyond its primary focus on calves and foals, ProfeLAC Silver serves as a suitable and safe liquid milk feed for all farm animals. This versatility allows farmers to extend the benefits of ProfeLAC Silver to a variety of animals, promoting overall health and well-being across the farm.

- Supplement for Racing Animals: Recognizing the unique nutritional needs of racing animals, ProfeLAC Silver doubles as an effective supplement. Its balanced composition provides the additional support necessary for racing animals to maintain peak performance levels.

Key Benefits:

- Easy Application: ProfeLAC Silver is easy to mix, providing a hassle-free feeding experience. Its convenient all-in-one formulation streamlines the feeding process, allowing for quick and efficient nourishment of calves, foals, and other farm animals.

- Performance Excellence: Although non-medicated, ProfeLAC Silver offers outstanding performance benefits. It improves gut health, helping to reduce the incidence of scours, a common concern in young animals. Additionally, this formulation enhances overall calf and foal condition, promoting healthy growth rates.

- Best Value: ProfeLAC Silver is not only a high-quality product but also the best value for ultimate composition and performance. It provides a cost-effective solution for farmers seeking optimal results in calf and foal rearing, as well as for the overall well-being of their farm animals.

Elevate your calf and foal rearing practices with ProfeLAC Silver, a versatile and safe liquid milk feed that goes beyond calves and foals. Backed by a commitment to value, user-friendly application, and proven performance, ProfeLAC Silver is the key to ensuring the health, growth, and vitality of your animals. Choose ProfeLAC Silver for a confident start to a lifetime of performance and well-being across your farm.
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Profelac Silver