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Origins Rat and Mouse Food

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Vetafarm Origins Rodent Food

Vetafarm Rodent Origins 

Recommended for: Pet and Breeding Rats and Mice 

Vetafarm is one of Australias leading companion health and welfare innovators. For Vetafarm pets are family, and only the best products leave their factories, after extensive quality control and research. They have a range of products for your cat, dog, birds, rabbits, rodents and reptiles!

Vetafarm Rodent Origins is a completely balanced extruded pellet diet for rats and mice. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • Made in Australia  and designed by vets!
  • Cooked using extrusion technology for optimum safety and digestibility
  • Complete, fruit flavoured diet containing a specific blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for long term health and vitality
  • Palatable and highly digestible 
  • Available in 350g, 2kg and 10kg bags 
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Origins Rat and Mouse Food