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Tomcat All Weather Blox

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Product description

TOMCAT's superior block formulations deliver improved palatablitly to rodents for faster population control.

Rats and mice are more than just an unsightly nuisance. They contaminate food, cause damage to structures, and carry numerous diseases. These are all good reasons to keep your property free from rodents but sometimes, despite the best of intentions, rodent infestations occur. When this happens, it is vital that the rodent population is eradicated quickly, efficiently, and safely.

TOMCAT rodent baits are available in block, pellet and soft bait formulations, and most formulations are available at two different levels of toxicity. Both TOMCAT (green) and TOMCAT II (red) will deliver a lethal dose to rodents within a single feed, but TOMCAT II (red) is approximately five times more potent than TOMCAT (green). For the target rodent, this simply means that they get their lethal dose in an even smaller feed from the red product (less than 0.2g for a mouse and around 1g for a rat).

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Tomcat All Weather Blox