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TES Rope Halter

  • Sku: TESPlainCobRG
  • Vendor: Wanneroo Stock Feeders
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Product description

We have available our plain rope halters handmade by That Equine Stuff WA. Rope halters are a perfect tool in training, offering many benefits making them the halter of choice. A properly fitted rope halter apply's pressure to the nose and poll when a direction is given, and can be immediately released helping improve communication with your horse.

Our rope halters are sleek and stylish with a wide range of colours to choose from.

Made using Australian manufactured, high quality Double Braid Polyester horse halter rope.

Rope diameter is 6.35mm.

Qualities of the rope include:

  • UV Resistant
  • Colour fast
  • Washable
  • Low Abrasion
  • Soft and Durable
  • Kind to Animals
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TES Rope Halter