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Product description

Speedibeet is flakes of Sugar-Beet, which is 16% fibre and suitable for feeding to horses and ruminants.

Quick Soaking Sugar Beet Flakes. Speedi-Beet® is fast, convenient and is the healthy option for thousands of horse owners who now use the product and rely on its benefits. Speedi-Beet® is made from pure unmolassed sugar beet pulp which is a by-product of the sugar beet industry. Sugar beet is grown in Europe and North America as an alternative to sugar cane which is grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It is mainly grown as a source of table sugar for human consumption.

Sugar beet accounts for 30% of the worlds sugar production. The sugar beet harvest in the UK usually takes place from September onwards with the beet being delivered into one of several sugar beet factories situated throughout eastern England. After cleaning, the beet is sliced into cossettes by a machine that resembles a kitchen grater and as much surface area is presented to maximise the sugar extraction process as possible. The sliced sugar beet is mixed with hot water and the sugar is extracted. After the water has been squeezed out, the pulp is dried and usually molasses is added back where upon the pulp is either used in its shredded form or it is pelleted.

Nutritional Content

TYPICAL ANALYSIS (Fresh Weight) % Unless Indicated
Dry Matter 90.0
Protein 9.0
Oil (B) Acid Hydrolysis 0.7
Fibre (Crude) 16.0
Ash 9.0
NDF 38.2
Starch Trace
Total Sugar 5.0
Energy DE mj/kg 12.0
Minerals % Unless Indicated
Calcium 0.80
Phosphorus (Total) 0.10
Magnesium 0.17
Manganese mg/kg 45
Zinc mg/kg 19
Iron mg/kg 762
Copper mg/kg 3
Potassium 1.14
Selenium mg/kg 0.06
Iodine mg/kg <0.1
Salt 0.30
Sodium 0.24
Amino Acids  
Lysine 0.58
Methionine 0.15
Threonine 0.51
Cystine 0.14
Cycine 0.47
Tryptophan 0.16
Arginine 0.30
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