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Small Hole Hay Net

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Product description

Product Features and Benefits
Is your horse a fast eater? Stop! Eating too quickly can do some damage to your horse's health.

Improve digestion, reduce the risk of ulcers, and cure boredom with this slow feed haynet. Strategically designed to slow down the eating process, the small holes help prevent your horse from pulling out large chunks of hay in one bite. 

Horses are naturally grazing animals, intended to graze almost constantly over a 24 hour period.

Unlike humans, horses do not have mealtimes and it goes against their natural function to consume large amounts of food in a short period of time.

Chewing activates saliva, which is required for the digestive process.

The horse's saliva is critical for healthy digestion, allowing food to be broken down and helping to prevent colic.

Consuming hay too quickly prevents the particle size of the food from being reduced sufficiently for optimal digestion. 

Furthermore, this slow feed haynet can help prevent bad habits developing from boredom such as; windsucking or cribbing, pacing or weaving, pawing at the ground of the stable door/walls, or chewing on fences, trees, etc. 

It will also reduce hay wastage by assisting to keep the round bale intact during the feeding process. 

Key Features
• The small holes of this Haynet slow down the eating process, perfect for stabled horses or those who eat too quickly
• Heavy duty two-tone mildewproof poly cord in blue and black
• The cord is looped at the top onto a thick poly rope.
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Small Hole Hay Net