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SAND FLUSH is an all-natural psyllium pellet designed to aid in the clearance of sand from the gastiointestinal tract of horses. SAND FLUSH is made in Western Australia in a Feedsafe accredited facility.

  • The main ingredient of SAND FLUSH is psyllium husk.

  • Psyllium husk is derived from the seed of the plant, Plantago ovata

  • Psyllium husk is a highly soluble fibre which allows to absorb a large amount of water in the gastrointestinal system

  • As sand flush pellets absorb water in the intestines, a soft, sticky gel is formed (see picture).

  • As the psyllium gel moves through the intestines, it will pick up sand which will then pass out in the manure.

  • Feed for 5 days per month to help prevent the accumulation of sand in your horse. 



  • A 500kg horse will require 2 scoops of SAND FLUSH per day for 5 days per month.
  • A 250g pony will require 1 scoop of SAND FLUSH per day for 5 days
  • Use the metered scoop provided. 
  • A 650g bag will be sufficient for 1 one horse for 5 days.
  • Feed SAND FLUSH with your horse's normal feed or straight out of your hand! It tastes so good that most horses will eat it like a treat! 
  • Caution - do not feed SAND FLUSH to a horse showing signs of colic. Contact your veterinarian for advice prior to feeding SAND FLUSH. 
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