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Rapigel Tub

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Product description

  • Aids in reducing inflammation and swelling in joints
    and tendons
  • Relieves muscle soreness due to over-exertion, fatigue
    or bruising.


If pain or swelling persists the advice of a veterinarian should be sought.

Avoid any contact with eyes or mucous membranes.
Do not apply to broken skin.

This product may contain ingredients that contravene the prohibited substances regulations in racing and competition jurisdictions. Users are strongly encouraged to check with the respective authority and their veterinarian prior to the use of any medication.

Rapigel®: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Rapigel on an animal other than a horse or dog?
Rapigel® is registered for use in horses and dogs which means it may be safely used in both horses and dogs. The use of this product in any other species would be considered "off label usage". Products should not be used outside of their registered label claims without first consulting a veterinarian (if at all). Variation in metabolisms between different species mean that dose rates can vary quite widely and that some species may be far more sensitive than others making products dangerous or even potentially fatal to those animals. It is for this reason that "off label dosage" should only be conducted under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Can I use Rapigel on myself?
Rapigel® is registered for use in horses and dogs only. Virbac is an animal health company, there has been no research conducted for use in humans. We cannot advise use in humans, please check with your GP or specialist before using Rapigel.

Common Uses

  • Pain or soreness associated with muscle, joint and
    tendon injuries
  • Swollen and/or inflamed joints and tendons
  • To assist warm up helping to prevent exercise
    induced injuries
  • To aid recovery from intense exercise or overexertion


  • Menthol 20mg/g
  • Camphor 6.25mg/g
  • Isopropyl Alcohol  350mg/g

Store below 30°C (Room Temperature) in a cool place.
Keep the lid tightly closed.


  1. Easy to apply
    Simply rub onto affected areas at full strength. Requires no
    mixing or application device. The clear gel RAPIGEL® formula
    can be easily applied to most areas. It will not disperse from
    the areas where it is needed and will leave no sticky or hard
    to remove residue.
  2. Ideal to combine with massage
    The gel formulation of RAPIGEL® makes it ideal to combine
    with massage therapy for a more intense effect to promote
    more rapid healing. Muscles will particularly benefit from
    massage with RAPIGEL® due to the relaxation of muscle
    spasms and muscle fibres.
  3. Intensify or prolong effectiveness by using bandages
    RAPIGEL® can safely be applied under wet or dry bandages
    to intensify and promote a more marked effect. The use of
    RAPIGEL® in conjunction with bandaging may be particularly
    helpful to promote tendon repair, as this will both intensify
    the effects of RAPIGEL®, as well as provide support to the
    delicate tendon structures.
  4. Mild disinfectant and skin cleanser
    Isopropyl alcohol, contained in RAPIGEL®, is often utilised
    as a cleaner or disinfectant in medical situations. RAPIGEL®
    assists in the removal of product or bandage residue, such as
    that left by adhesive bandages used for support on racedays.
    Do not use on broken skin.

RAPIGEL® should be used at full strength and applied liberally to
the affected area and rubbed in gently – both prior to and after
exercise workout.

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Rapigel Tub