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Quick Knot Deluxe

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  • Vendor: Quick Knot
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Product description

Introducing the new Quick Knot Deluxe® – the ultimate mane clip for flawless plaits. Its patented three-armed design ensures a secure and reusable hold, saving you time and effort. 

Reviews: "Quick Knot is a life saver! Easy to use and holds incredibly well." - Emma Hale, Professional Groom.

How-to Guide:

  1. Make a plait

  2. Roll it up

  3. Push Quick Knot through the back

  4. Ensure pointed end comes out at the centre

  5. Turn bottom of Quick Knot post up to secure

  6. To remove, pull down and slide off the plait top

  7. Store safely to reuse!

Quick Knot Deluxe is available in: black, chestnut and white, and in standard and XL sizes - 35 pieces per pack $29.95

Please select XL for those horses blessed with an extra thick mane.

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Quick Knot Deluxe