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Premium Laying Pellets

  • Sku: 202-20 Laying Pellets - Premium 20kg
  • Vendor: Thompson and Redwood
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The best laying pellet money can buy. A premium, complete feed for laying hens, show birds and breeders from 16 weeks. The high protein, nutrient-rich formula is vegetarian friendly and promotes superior egg production, health and vitality. 


  • High Protein - contains minimum 18% protein and essential amino acids for superior egg production and quality. The high protein supports maximum laying while keeping your hens healthy and looking great.

  • High Calcium - containing 4.1% Calcium and high phosphorous for egg production and superior shell quality.

  • Vitamin & Mineral Premix – made using our specially formulated laying vitamin and mineral premix to keep your your hens diet balanced and meet all requirements for laying and health.

  • Vegetarian Feed - containing quality carbohydrates and fats from vegetarian ingredients. Not made with RAM (restricted animal material).

  • Based on commercial laying pellets with all of the goodness and extras that would support professional egg production. The pelleted form increases digestibility and minimises wastage.

  • All natural ingredients - GMO and Antibiotic Free. Made using fresh, natural ingredients sourced from Western Australian Farmers. Minimal processing ensures that the ingredients keep their natural goodness.

  • We only source the best natural ingredients from WA farmers.

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Premium Laying Pellets