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Picture Frame Ducks Takeoff

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Keeping it simple is a terrific way to display artworks. Framed Print Take Off features a subtle colour palette with simple print and countryside flair. This symmetrical layout stands out as a focal point in a gallery wall. To create a dramatic wall gallery on the wall, pair this artwork with an assortment of portraits and timepieces that display the time of some cities one holds sentimental value to.

Framed Print Take Off is an accent piece that breathes loveliness to one's wall. This is stunning wall art that blends well with the modern, eclectic, or classic styled interior. The monochromatic feature and tint of pastel colours fit within one's home decor choices. This framed print has an MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) frame, a naturally patterned wood best used for its rustic ambience. This painting is done on a paper, and the MDF surface is then stretched around a wooden panel. This painting is underpinned for added strength and to prevent it from sagging

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Picture Frame Ducks Takeoff