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Peck Me Up

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Allfarm Layer Booster Peck Me Up Formula was formulated specifically as a nutrient dense food additive for poor quality pellets or grain mixes (which are very commonly sold in most pet food shops and produce shops Australia-wide).  Peck Me Up is formulated to supplement poultry nutrition during high stress times when extra protein, vitamins and energy are essential to bird performance, which is basically even on an everyday basis when they are laying.

If you are happy with the health, egg production and growth of your chickens it is also a great boost for moulting season, where standard 12% rations could be inadequate to support feather growth and egg production. It also supports immune system function. Basically, if you prefer to make your own home made grain mixes for your chickens or don’t have access to an economical, high quality food and want to improve what you are feeding your chickens, this is what you need to be the ‘backbone’ of a great home feed mix.


A one kilo back of this formula is made to be added to 40kg of normal 12% chicken food/pellets/grain. Therefore;
 – 500g will supplement 20kg food
 – 250g will supplement 10kg food


Protein meals (80%), Hydrolysed plant protein amino acids and amino acid supplements (6%), Energetic carrier (3%), Kelp (0.5%), Vitamins – salt – trace elements – crude fats – alginates and vegetable oils (5%), bulking and flow agents (balance).

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Peck Me Up