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Hindquarter Pattern Stencils

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  • Vendor: Wanneroo Stock Feeders
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Be the star of the show with these Hindquarter Marker Patterns. The pre-marked stencils allow you to create professional looking hindquarter patterns with the use of a water spray bottle and brush. Simply spray the hair on your horse or pony's rump with a spray bottle, brush the hair with a grooming brush in the natural direction of the coat, set the hindquarter marker pattern in place and brush the coat downwards. For extra hold and shine spray the horse's coat with a Show Preparation product such as World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner or Ultra Final Touch Shining Spray.

• Set of 3 Designs to allow you to select a pattern that best suits your horse or pony.

• Each pattern measures 36cm x 31cm.
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Hindquarter Pattern Stencils