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Nervous Neddies

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Product description

Calming herbs work by restoring balance to the nervous system. 

Although calming herbs are very effective in helping horses to maintain their composure and level-headedness, they will not dull the senses or interfere with your horse’s healthy reflexes. In fact, by helping horses to gain control of negative and overly emotional responses, the herbs help them to focus their attention on the job at hand and make use of themselves more proficiently.

Mane Event Equestrian Supplies Nervous Neddies blend of herbs may assist your horse in a natural way that may ultimately be beneficial to both horse and rider.

Contains five key ingredients

Vervain: nerve restoring, nervine relaxant, sedative qualities, antispasmodic. Can assist tense horses that are sensitive, impatient and reactive.

Chamomile: calming and relaxing herb for the nervous and digestive systems. Can be especially helpful to the tense and restless horse prone to nervous scouring.

Ginger: a warming herb that has a multitude of benefits. Calms the stomach and is known as one of the world's best medicines. May assist the nervous horse when floating. Has a “warming” quality for the body and blood.

Passionflower: is a herb with gentle sedative properties producing a relaxing effect. It appears to be particularly effective when used in conjunction with a more dominant nervine such as chamomile or vervain to assist in the re-balancing of a horse's nervous system.

Valerian Root: has been used for many years for its calming and sedative qualities. It is a relaxant and nervine. Valerian Root has a strong odour which horses seem to enjoy. No known side effects.


40g - 80g per day/500kg horse 

40g = 1/2 cup approximately 

How to Administer

Dried herbs may be added directly to your horses dampened feed in their dry state. Alternatively, (recommended) they may be made into an infusion (herbal tea) prior to use and the soaked herbs and liquid poured over their feed. By making an infusion prior to feeding, this releases more nutrients from the herbs and increases the health benefits.

May be of benefit for improving or promoting health or production or performance. Consult your vet before treating any illness.

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Nervous Neddies