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Natures Botanical Creme

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Product description

  • The crème is white, in an olive oil base so thicker than the lotion and comes in a tub.
  • Due to its essential oils, the crème has a pleasant aromatic odour.
  • It has a nourishing consistency when you apply it, and is particularly good for those with dry skin.
  • As it tends to get applied more thickly it probably requires less applications than the lotion.
  • It’s economical as it goes a long way and lasts a long time.
  • As it has an olive oil base it is slightly water resistant so good when one perspires heavily from the brow or is outdoors around water.
  • When the Crème is rubbed into the skin it is slightly tacky to begin and then becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue.

Overview of Product

  • Premium natural Rosemary & Cedarwood essential oils for insect control.
  • Repels flies, mosquitoes, midges and sandflies. Customers have reported it also effectively repelling march flies, ticks and ants.
  • No DEET, Picaridin or other harsh synthetic chemicals.
  • Unlike DEET products it will NOT remove nail polish, damage/melt plastics, sunglasses, iPhone covers, fishing gear.
  • Rosemary and cedarwood essential oils are also widely used for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and are widely used by our customers for many other uses. (See ‘Safe Active ingredients’).
  • Cruelty free, vegan friendly.
  • Australian owned & operated business.
  • Australian Pesticides & Veterinarian Medicines Authority registered. Successfully field tested and recommended by thousands
    of our customers worldwide.
  • Millions of units have been sold since 2005 making it one of Australia’s oldest and most popular natural insect repellent.

Safe Ingredients

Rosemary & Cedarwood Essential Oils are regarded as safe for skin application by regulators such as the EPA and much safer/beneficial than chemicals such as DEET & Picaridin.

In addition to repelling they are well known as having antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities and eco friendly insect repellent so our customers also report the following uses/benefits of Nature’s Botanical;

  • Stop itching following insect bites, soothe hives & mild burns.
  • Help with eczema, itchy rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis, athletes foot, acne & sun spots.
  • QLD/Sweet Itch, greasy heel, rain scold & cover rub.
  • Relief for mild arthritis of the hands.
  • Deodorant, decongestant & moisturizer.


The overwhelming feedback on Nature’s Botanical is positive and the reviews that that you see within this website are authentic. It is an option for you to try if you do not want to continue using DEET or Picaridin repellents.

  • Extensive field studies have shown the product can repel flies, midges/sandflies & mosquitoes for up to 4 hours when applied to lower limbs.
  • Protection time & effectiveness varies between people like any product depending on: How much is applied, the area of protection (limbs are less attractive to flies than the face), skin chemistry and level of sweating & how aggressive the bugs are (difference between aggressive tropical mosquitoes & non-tropical mosquitoes. A few flies and hundreds of flies).
  • The natural fly repellent product for flies should significantly reduce landings from a few to none at all. They may hover, some may land but they generally tap out quickly so that the person does not have to keep using their hands to chase the flies off.
  • For biting insects ensure the product is applied to all exposed areas, applying it like you would a sunscreen (note it does not offer SPF protection). In this case you should find the natural repellent product is very effective in eliminating bites.
  • Both the natural insect repellent lotion and the cream are as effective but in some cases the cream may be better. It tends to get applied more thickly therefore lasting longer. It is also slightly water proof due to it being in an olive oil base so many say it does not run into their eyes if they are perspiring a lot. When the sun is intense ensure you use a sunscreen before applying the cream.
  •  We feel that the product is an excellent alternative to the countries traditional repellents containing harsh chemicals and with the above factors in mind if you are not satisfied with the product in various situations we will provide you a full refund. Please keep evidence of your purchase such as a receipt or photo of your payment method.  We genuinely hope to make a difference to your outdoor lifestyle in a more healthy and planet conscious way.

“We were recommended Natural Botanical on our trip through the outback by one of the locals. It was our go to product throughout the trip and beyond. We have recommended it to family and friends, certainly does what it claims to do.”
Marie Rose

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Natures Botanical Creme