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Mueller Tape

  • Sku: HCMT
  • Vendor: The Hoof Co.
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Product description

MUELLER TAPE - 35mm wide

Perfect for hoof care use.

Sold by roll.

Mueller tape is a handy item to keep close by in the tack room - especially if you are using the Easyboot Glove range. It can be used to wrap around the hoof and provides a strong grip to the inside of the boots and gives them a more secure fit/grip.

It grips well to the hoof and can be used as a secure tape when administering hoof products (as shown in photo).


Our products are based on natural COSMETIC grade ingredients.

​Some of our products do contain Beeswax and Honey so if you have any allergies to a specific ingredient, please feel free to ask if you are unsure. Most of the information can be found on the product descriptions.

​Whilst we appreciate your interest in our products, we have spent many years with Research and Development with our range and DO NOT SHARE OUR RECIPIES. This is our intellectual property which has required many years to develop, stability test and produce the end product to ensure that we are providing you with the best knowledge and ingredients available for our Hoof Care range.

Our products are unique in formulation as proven by our "innovation" and product awards.

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Mueller Tape

$14.95 AUD