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Mane Event Oil

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Product description

Mane Event Oil is a premium quality cold pressed stabilised linseed (flaxseed) oil. Our oil is 100% natural, containing a balanced source of Omega fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) that closely resembles the ratio found in pasture/grass that is considered most suitable for horses.  

Containing over 50% Omega 3 you can rest assured your horse is receiving a powerful boost of this essential fatty acid with every serve of this oil.

Mane Event Oil may assist with; 

  • Healthy skin, coat, mane & tail
  • Overall health, performance and vitality
  • Joint pain/stiffness
  • Hoof health and integrity
  • Healthy immune system
  • Managing and maintaining optimum condition

Key Features;

Non-heating ‘cool’ energy source

Highly digestible and palatable

Pure cold pressed, stabilised linseed oil

Powerful plant based Omega 3 profile

No sugar or starch

Natural anti-inflammatory

Suitable for ulcer prone horses

Suitable for laminitic prone horses

Why cold pressed is best 

The cold press process of the seed ensures the antioxidants and vitamins are preserved and remain somewhat unaffected, allowing the nutrient profile of the oil to be stable at room temperature (stabilised). 

Daily Feeding Guide (add to feed)

10ml per 100kg bodyweight (Average 500kg horse = 50ml daily).

Increase or decrease amount based on individual needs, workload/energy levels and access to quality pasture.

May be split across multiple feeds.

This oil is also suitable for dogs at a daily rate of 1ml per 2kg bodyweight.

 Typical Analysis

(per Litre)

55% Omega 3

15% Omega 6

20% Omega 9


Available in 4.5L and 20L sizes.

Must be stored in a cool (below 30°C), dry spot away from direct sunlight. Store in fridge where possible to preserve integrity of nutrients. 

Ensure contents are kept sealed after use.

Use contents within 6 months of opening.

Does not contain restricted animal material.

For animal consumption only. 

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Mane Event Oil