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Johnsons Platinum Low GI

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Product description

Johnsons Platinum Low GI is a low glycemic feed, based on superior high fat and fibre sources.

It is a balanced, pelleted feed designed to deliver slow release, sustained and safe energy, while also helping to support body condition and muscle development. Premium ingredients are paired with organic minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and a mycotoxin binder to ensure optimal uptake and performance.

A cool feed suitable for horses and ponies in medium to hard work, growing, breeding and spelling horses. Johnsons Platinum Low GI contains premium grade export quality Oaten Hay and Lucerne Hay, Lupins, Faba Beans, Full Fat Soybean (GMO free), Soybean Oil (GMO free) and Johnsons Premium Vitamin and Mineral premix (including chelated minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and mycotoxin binder).

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Johnsons Platinum Low GI