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Horsemate Horse Bedding

  • Sku: 0806809659131
  • Vendor: Wanneroo Stock Feeders
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Introducing our 100% Natural, Absorbent and Easy-to-Use Horse Bedding

Our highly compacted wood pellet horse bedding absorbs 3 to 4 times it’s own weight in liquid, and the eucalyptus oil in the wood stops the odour causing bacteria often associated with other types of horse bedding.

Our premium wood pellets are clean, pleasant smelling and because they are 100% natural – good for your horses! The natural wood material is taken to our pellet mill where it is dried, compressed and formed into small pellets. Lignin occurring naturally in the wood holds the pellets together, they contain no binders or glues. EQUEPP comes in either a convenient 15kg bag.  

Also referred to as: sawdust, pine pellets, pine shavings, compressed wood pellet, compress wood shavings, bedding, kitty litter, natural bedding.

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Horsemate Horse Bedding