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Horse Crocz

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Product description

Horsecrocz are for use over hoof dressings such as when a poultice is applied to protect them from scraping and general wear and tear. Horsecrocz can be reused many times making it a cost effective solution to protecting any hoof dressings. If your horse has lost a shoe, a horsecrocz will keep the hoof protected until the farrier comes; especially useful if the horse is tender footed.

A useful addition to any equine first aid kit, the flexibility of design allows three sizes to fit the majority of equines and are quick and easy to put on and remove.

  •  First Aid protection for hoof sole
  •  Easy and quick to apply
  •  Robust Can be reused many times
  •  Flexible fit
  •  3 sizes fit from a shire to a Shetland
  •  Open design allows hoof to ‘breathe’
  •  Horses can be turned out

Each pack come with x5 HorseCrocz Ties and additional ties can be purchased separately for future use so. An essential tool for every horse owners first aid kit.

HorseCrocz can be reused many times making it a cost effective and relatively inexpensive offering. There is an additional benefit in the design of small holes in the sole which allows for liquid to be injected in to make a conforming hoof/sole support, which may be useful for vets or farriers.

The open design around the hoof wall increases flexibility and breath-ability avoiding build-up of moisture that commonly gets trapped with other protective coverings.

A positive feature of HorseCrocz is that they are robust enough to allow the horse to be turned out.


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Horse Crocz