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Hay Hut

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The Poly Place Hay Shack is the ultimate hay hut.  It is tough, flexible and strong.  The Hay Shack is designed to keep the hay dry and yet still provide excellent air flow.
The Hack Shack will:

  • Save cost of hay by reducing hay wastage
  • Is stackable for cheaper freight costs intersate
  • Ensure that hay is kept mould and dust free
  • Not get brittle as they are made from UV stabilized polyethylene
  • Reduce labour and cost of feeding out small bales
  • Minimise stress on pasture

The Hay Shack also provides:

  • Easy handling
  • No assembly
  • No external lip for horse to bruise their hooves on
  • No sharp corners that will injure animals
  • Low wind resistance
  • Four feeding windows
  • Built in lifting lug for easy lifting with a tractor

Feeding holes can be customised to suit your requirements. As seen in the picture the large windows are for horses and the small windows can be cut out for smaller animals such as sheep , calves , alpacas.  Up to 4 windows can be cut .

Height of hayshack where hay goes 1500mm , lifting lug 250mm high

Base opening 1950mm Diameter

Large holes opening 650mm to 1500mm from ground

Small hole opening 420mm to 880 from ground

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Hay Hut