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Garden Sticks

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Supreme Selective Naturals Garden Sticks are delicious and nutritious, made with high fibre and no added sugars or artificial colours. Supreme have been experts in small pet nutrition and care for more than twenty-five years and have produced Garden Sticks to give your pet a snack they'll love and strive from. Baked fresh in the heart of Suffolk and made with rich natural ingredients, Selective Naturals are ideal to give to your pet hand-fed as it encourages a positive relationship between you and your pet. Contains Linseed to maintain healthy skin and a shint coat. Feed 1-2 treats a day depending on the size of your pet alongside a balanced diet. Ensure fresh hay and clean water is avaliable at all times. Suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Degus. 

  • Tasty treat for small animals 
  • Rich in natural ingredients with no added sugars or artifical colours
  • High in fibre (25%)
  • Can be hand-fed
  • Linseed for a healthy skin and coat
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Garden Sticks