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Free Bute Paste

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Sport horses will only deliver an optimum performance if they feel well. Cavalor FreeBute provides support for muscles and joints in order to guarantee better flexibility. Relief from pain and discomfort is the start of many healing and repair processes. Many remedies aimed at achieving this contain banned substances or can have undesirable side effects. Cavalor FreeBute contains only natural ingredients that are harmless, even for the stomach, and can offer relief for many commonly occurring problems.

Directions for Use - Cavalor® FreeBute Paste:

1/2 a syringe the night before and 1/2 a syringe the morning before an exertion. 

Riders often feel that horses benefit even more from 1 syringe the night before and 1 syringe the morning before an exertion. 

1 syringe = 60 g. 

Maximum 240 g per day per horse (= 4 syringes).

Sold individually.

Tip: Start using the secret ‘one-two’ formula of Cavalor® two days before a competition and go for the win.

Hard-working horses frequently suffer from some stiffness or pain; Cavalor® FreeBute alleviates these complaints so that your horse feels great again. 

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Free Bute Paste