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EVO Gorilla Broom

  • Sku: 24521
  • Vendor: Wanneroo Stock Feeders
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Product description

The World’s Toughest Broom

Gorilla Brooms are lightweight and strong, designed for tough sweeping jobs outdoors and on constructions sites. The handle is made from triangular steel for strength, overlaid with rubber grips for comfort. The broom head is made from high density polypropylene, so it’s light but strong and won’t soak up water or split like wooden brooms . The scraper blade is unique to Gorilla Brooms. It protrudes from the front of the broom head at the perfect angle for shifting stuck on debris such as render and plaster. The long bristles are made from high quality PET plastic for supreme durability and an effortless sweeping performance, while an anti-clog channel between the bristles ensures consistent results.

Gorilla Broom Features

  • Lightweight and robust
  • Unique scraper blade
  • Anti clog channel for consistent sweeping
  • Effortless sweeping
  • Available in 4 bright colours
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EVO Gorilla Broom