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Equinade Rug Seal

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  • Vendor: Equinade
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Product description

Equinade Rug Seal 1L Horse Rug Canvas Waterproofer is a re-proofing formula to help water-proof cotton canvas. It can be applied easily with a brush or by spraying and has no fumes.

  • Easy to use and very economic.
  • Water-proofs cotton canvas.
  • No fumes.
  • Re-proofs and will resist dry rot and mildew.
  • Suitable for all canvas with at least 30% cotton.

Directions for Use:

  • To begin, thoroughly wash the rug to remove all dirt and allow to dry
  • Apply Equinade Rug Seal to the outside surface, paying attention to seams and stitched areas
  • Apply two coats, allowing time to dry between each application. The underside of the canvas can also be treated


  • Size: 1L
  • Suits: All Canvas with 30% Cotton
  • Brand: Equinade

About Equinade

Equinade is 100% Australian owned which manufactures and develops a unique product range to care for your animals and to enhance your leather goods. Each product is manufactured in Australia, almost exclusively and wherever possible using Australian ingredients. You can be assured that each product has been designed and proven to suit the harsh Australian conditions.

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Equinade Rug Seal