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EquiDigest Pro

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Product description

EquiDigest Pro is a highly palatable, pelletised daily supplement for use in all horses. Designed to help support normal gut health and function. 

EquiDigest Pro combines the buffering power of calcium carbonate, calcareous marine algae and magnesium hydroxide to help keep fluids in the stomach at a more natural and desirable pH level to help support optimum gut function and health. 

The uniquely sticky nature of a seaweed extract from Laminarea hyperborea alongside the amino acid Threonine are used to build on a horse’s natural protection mechanisms to assist in maintaining a healthy stomach. 

Includes prebiotics to assist in optimal gut health. 


Lucerne Leaf Meal, Full Fat Soybean, Calcium carbonate (10%), Calcareous Marine Algae (10%), Magnesium Hydroxide (10%), Sodium Alginate Seaweed Extract from Laminarea hyperborea (10%), Fructooligosaccharide (FOS; 10%), Threonine, Glutamine, Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS; 4%).

Feeding Rates 

Morning Feed Evening Feed 
Ponies, Foals & Weanlings 25g (1/2 scoop)     25g (1/2 scoop)
Horses (400-600kg) 50g (1 scoop) 50g (1 scoop)
Horses (600-800kg) 75g (1 1/2 scoop) 75g (1 1/2 scoop)


Feeding Directions

Add to normal daily feed or alternatively mix with lucerne chaff and feed just prior to work.


Buffer low pH gastric acids

Protect the gut wall

Feed the gut and its bacteria to maintain normal function 

Defend the gut and support natural immune function 

Does not contain any restricted animal material 

For Animal Consumption Only 

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EquiDigest Pro