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Elastic Breastplate

  • Sku: 9329733151034
  • Vendor: Tekna
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Product description

Give your horse the freedom of movement with this elastic breastplate, featuring elastic shoulder straps. 

  • With many areas of adjustment, it can easily tailor-fit your horse. 

  • With a leather-look finish, this breastplate is lightweight, hi-tech, and low maintenance. Quick-clean technology makes it super easy to clean your breastplate with a simple rinse of water!

It also features a removable martingale attachment, plus stainless steel hardware. 

Key Features 
  • • Constructed with elastic shoulder straps, this breastplate offers great freedom of movement for your horse
  • • Leather-look finish
  • • Lightweight
  • • Removable martingale attachment
  • • With many areas of adjustment, it can easily fit a wide variety of horses
  • • Stainless steel hardware
  • • Quick clean technology - simply clean your breastplate by rinsing with water. 
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Elastic Breastplate