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Diamond Rose Bell Boots

  • Sku: AEDRBBC
  • Vendor: Advanced Equine
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Product description

Iridescent Rose Gold glitter bell boots. By far the most sparkly material I have ever seen. Looks gorgeous in & out of the sunlight. Suits any color horse! 

True Rose Gold colour (not yellow or orange like some others!) with rose gold velcro closures and white faux fur rim.

All Advanced Equine bell boots feature a strong neoprene construction for increased comfort, with black lining to guard against staining. 

All boots are sold in pairs.


Care Instructions:

We strongly suggest spot cleaning with a gentle cleanser, followed by a gentle machine wash inside a wash bag or pillow case (this prevents it from agitating against other items, which may result in uneven wear). Include several "Colour Catcher" sheets (available at most supermarkets) in the washing machine to catch any colour that may run, to stop your lighter colours or fleece being affected. 

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Diamond Rose Bell Boots