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Country Vital Rabbit Pellets

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Product description

Country Vital Rabbit Breeder & Grower pellets contain a balanced blend of essential nutrients to assist in sound reproduction and rapid growth

Feeding Guide

Introduce Country Vital Rabbit breeder & grower pellets gradually over a 10 day period, care should be taken to minimize sudden dietary changes which may result in digestive upsets.  Ensure access to fresh clean water.  Remove excess feed before replenishing with fresh food.

Does & Bucks:

100g/head/day dependent on breed, stage of gestation and body condition.

Pregnant Does:

160g to 200g/head/day dependent on breed, stage of gestation and body condition.

Lactating Does:

During lactation does may consume 350g/head/day.  Reduce intake after weaning.

Weaner Growers:

Introduce gradually prior to weaning. Feed to appetite to achieve required body condition.

*Feeding suggestions are a guide only.

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Country Vital Rabbit Pellets