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Chill Out

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CHILL OUT POWDER is carefully formulated by our experienced team of vets and nutritionists to assist with horses suffering from nervousness, anxiety, or general stress. Featuring a blend of thiamine, tryptophan, magnesium and vitamin E, CHILL OUT POWDER provides horses with the correct ratio of vitamins and minerals needed to help boost brain function and behaviour.

Thiamine: Assists with the transmission of nerves, and is highly effective with horses sustained on a high-grain diet. Thiamine is commonly found in calming supplements, and is widely known as a calming vitamin.

Tryptophan: Converts into serotonin (helps horses to feel calmer) and is universally used in calming supplements for a wide range of animals. Tryptophan is generally lacking in Australian feeds.                                         

Magnesium: Well known by horse trainers as an effective calming mineral. Magnesium assists with the function of the nervous system. CHILL OUT POWDER uses fine high-grade powdered magnesium oxide.                                                                                           

Vitamin E:  Powerful antioxidant that plays a key role in maintaining the function of nervous system.

CHILL OUT POWDER  has been on the market now for over five years and has earned a distinguished reputation for being an extremely effective, well formulated product available at a considerably reasonable price.


  • May assist horses suffering from stress, anxiety, and nervousness,
  • Great for competition, training, and travel,
  • Palatable formula with no added flavours or preservatives,
  • Cost effective with outstanding customer feedback.


(Dosage rate based on a 500kg horse. Adjust dosage if required.)

CHILL OUT POWDER can be fed daily, or just in the lead up to a stressful event or competition.

  • Recommended daily dose between 15-30g, split between morning and night feeds.
  • 30-60g can be fed the night before travel or competition.
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Chill Out