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Chill Horse Muesli

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Product description

NEW Western Grains Chill Horse Muesli.

A premium quality mix of easily palatable grains, vitamins and minerals, formulated to assist horses in a low level work environment or horses in retirement. This product
can be fed to horses or ponies of any age.

Contains oats, barley, lupins, horse pellets, sunflower seeds, molasses, canola oil, salt, wheaten chaff and lucern.


  • Horse Digestible Energy 13.4 MJ/kg DM
  • Dry Matter 85.7%
  • Moisture 14.3%
  • Crude Protein (Min) 17.0%
  • Acid Detergent Fibre 17.3%
  • Neutral Detergent Fibre (% of dry matter) 34.1%
  • Digestibility (DMD) (% of dry matter) 76.1%
  • Digestibility (DOMD) (% of dry matter) 75.2%
  • Estimated Metabolisable Energy 12.6 MJ/kg DM
  • Fat 5.0%
  • Ash 5.0%

Benefits of using Western Grains horse and pony muesli mixes.

  • Compact, easy-open, 100% recyclable, 20kg bags
  • Nutritionally balanced and flavorsome premium quality grain
  • Carefully formulated by our experienced team
  • Contains protein and minerals to provide sustained energy and optimum health
  • Steamrolled and crushed grains designed to aid digestion
  • Canola oil and sunflower seeds included to provide a shiny coat
  • Added salt to assist with sodium levels and maintain good hydration
  • Minimal processing to ensure natural goodness is maintained
  • Premium quality grain produced and manufactured in WA, by local farming communities
  • Multiple muesli mix options designed for horses at every level of performance or rest
  • Does not contain restricted animal material
  • Prepared within stringent quality and safety standards

Feeding directions
Western Grains horse mueslis are a highly digestible blend of premium grains. They should be introduced slowly into the diet over a 7–10 day period and should be supplied in conjunction with clean, fresh water at all times, along with quality fibre and roughage such as hay, chaff or pasture.

Horse muesli should be fed morning and night for working animals. Be sure to feed little and often as horses have a small stomach. Vitamins and minerals should not be added to these horse mueslis as they are prepared by our experienced team using a balanced formula.

Store in a cool and dry area to maximise product freshness.

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Chill Horse Muesli