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CEN Complete Electrolyte

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Product description

The Importance of Electrolytes For Horses

Adequate electrolyte levels in horses are essential for the regulation of their heartbeat, circulatory system, muscle contraction, nerve pulse transmission and digestion process. Without electrolytes, horses can not properly retain and utilise water leading to dehydration; which causes cell function in the muscles, gut and heart to slow and, in severe cases, shut down.

Lowest Feed Rate on the Market + Sugar & Filler Free!

Equine electrolyte supplements free of added sugar and fillers supports balanced replenishment of electrolytes and rapid re-hydration lost through sweat induced by strenuous exercise. CEN Electrolyte can also be utilised to assist with recovery after sickness, injury or stressful situations (travel and performance).

Incorporating concentrated chloride levels and chelated minerals assist with improved absorption and ensuring the correct hydration and fluid concentration in and around the cells. This cell saturation is essential for electrochemical key roles such as muscle contractions, nerve impulses, digestion and heart regulation.

Key Features

  • Concentrated Equine Electrolyte Supplement
  • Free of Sugar, Fillers, Dextrose and Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Concentrated Chloride and Chelated Minerals for Improved Absorption
  • Made with Food-Grade Ingredients
  • Suitable for Performance and Pleasure Horses
  • Perfect for Re-Hydration before or after Strenuous Exercise, Injury or Stressful Events.
  • Assists with Electrochemical Processes

Feed Rate

Work Load Feed Rate
After Work/Training 1 scoop (25g)
Hot Weather/Heavy Work 1 scoop (25g) twice a day
Cool Weather/Heavy Work 1 scoop (25g) immediately following training session
Hot Weather/Moderate to Heavy Work 1 scoop (25g) per horse twice a day
Competition 1 scoop (25g) within one to two hours prior to competition. Provide one scoop (25g) after the competition. In addition offer fresh, untreated water and allow horses to consume as needed.

Important: When adding CEN Complete Electrolyte to drinking water, it is recommended that an additional bucket of fresh, untreated drinking water be provided. Allow the horse to consume water as needed. Do not restrict access to clean drinking water. Provide clean water available at all times.

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CEN Complete Electrolyte