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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Written material on many websites consider Apple Cider Vinegar to be a natural antibiotic that improves digestion, increases joint function and balances pH levels. NRG Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV) is a ‘Must Have’ in the feeding routine of many stables around Australia.

Known widely for its benefits for preventing arthritis and improving joint flexibility, NRG Apple Cider Vinegar is a naturally fermented, unfiltered and most importantly, unpasteurised product with a broad range of health benefits for horses. This quality standard in production delivers an acidity rating of 4.5% – 5% – above the 4% international standard.

NRG’s unpasteurised and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar not only balances the acid / alkaline ratio in the body, but also assists with cleansing of the digestive tract, helps to oxygenate the blood, improves the appetite and can even be used as an anti-fungal wash and insect repellent additive for shampoos.

Many customers who use NRG Apple Cider Vinegar don’t wait for a problem to surface, they feed as a preventative measure and enjoy the benefits daily. At only 26 cents per serve for the 5L container, adding just 50ml of NRG ACV to drinking water is an easy and cost effective solution to your horse’s general wellbeing.

PLEASE NOTE: Apple Cider Vinegar must not be confused with manufactured and highly processed cider vinegars, since genuine Apple Cider Vinegar has many essential natural advantages over processed vinegars.


Nutritional Info: (mg/L) Key Benefits:
Potassium 110 May play a role in nerve and muscle function
Sodium 50 Considered an important mineral in horses diets
Phosphorus 26 Has a role in general metabolism and nerve function
Calcium 5 Has a role in normal growth and maintenance of bones, teeth and muscle function
Nitrogen 13 Believed to assist in balancing the acid/alkaline pH levels
Magnesium 12 May have a role in nerve and muscle function
Acidity to 5%
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Apple Cider Vinegar