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Ammo Allwormer Paste

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Ammo Allwormer Paste is an effective oral dewormer. It kills roundworm, tapeworm and bots as well as preventing skin lesions caused by biting external parasites (Habronema and Draschia spp.) It is perfect to use with your usual wormers to help prevent a buildup of worm resistance.


Administer directly into the mouth.

Treat every 6-8 weeks from 6 weeks of age.

Horses: The contents of one 32.5 g syringe are sufficient to treat one horse of 600 kg bodyweight. Doses are described in mL, corresponding to the markings on the dial-a-dose syringe.

Foals and Ponies: Administer 5 mL per 100 kg bodyweight. AMMO ALLWORMER is safe for use in pregnant mares, in foals over four weeks of age, and in debilitated & convalescent animals.

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Ammo Allwormer Paste