Pegasus Coolmax a Great “All-Rounder” Feed for Pleasure and Performance Horses

Pegasus Coolmax a Great “All-Rounder” Feed for Pleasure and Performance Horses

Pegasus Coolmax is our most popular, tried-and-tested Pegasus feed. It suits all types of pleasure and performance horses, making it a great “all-rounder” feed and a good base for a balanced diet. As with all Pegasus feeds, Coolmax is made right here in WA by Western Australian family-owned company Milne Feeds. This means that Coolmax is not only more affordable, but it is made fresh from local ingredients and is formulated especially to suit local conditions. This includes selenium to suit WA soil types and extra calcium to balance high-oxalate pastures (KiKuyu, for example).

Coolmax is designed to supply cool energy to maintain body condition without the heating effects of oats. Coolmax contains added fat for cool energy and to promote a healthy coat shine. It comes in a palatable pellet for ease of use and to eliminate sifting out of ingredients. The pelleting and heat processes also improves energy utilisation from grains.

Coolmax contains complete vitamin and mineral Fortification for optimal health and fitness of horses and ponies, and is also suitable for idle and spelling horses, as well as those doing light to moderate work.  The cool formulation of Coolmax makes it an ideal feed for young horses in pre-training or early education.

Coolmax contains a natural yeast culture to enhance digestion and mineral absorption and organic chromium to improve glucose metabolism, decrease lactic acid accumulation and reduce the severity of tying-up. It also contains bioavailable natural vitamin E, which is shown in research to have far greater absorption than synthetic E sources.

To assist with temperament, Coolmax contains high levels of magnesium to calm nervous horses. It has low grain inclusion and low-moderate starch levels.

Pegasus Coolmax is a quality, economical feed solution that takes the guesswork out of feeding horses by supplying all the essential nutrients your horse needs. When combined with roughage and fed at the recommended rate, there is no need for additional supplementation.

Written by KER 


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