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Product description

The latest in electrolyte replacement technology!

Why osmo-lyte?

High Sodium Chloride (Salt)

The Sweat Savior - Our formula contains elevated levels of sodium chloride, a mineral your horse loses through sweat. This vital component ensures your horse remains properly hydrated during intense workouts or hot conditions.

Superior Magnesium Levels:

The Unsung Hero - Magnesium often goes unnoticed, but not in osmo-lyte. It plays a pivotal role in numerous cellular activities. Our supplement provides superior magnesium support for optimal cell function.

Balanced Potassium:

Optimal Ratio - osmo-lyte ensures an ideal potassium balance. Recent research highlights that excessive potassium may hinder cellular efficiency and performance when the sodium-potassium ratio is skewed. We strike the perfect equilibrium.

BETAINE Inclusion:

 The Hydration Dynamo - osmo-lyte stands out with the inclusion of Betaine. It's your horse's osmo-regulator, ensuring muscle cells stay hydrated and function at their best. A must for horses working up a sweat.

osmo-lyte can be used in conjunction with in-sideout, in-fusion ha, in-fusion msm, in-stride, in-force & in-take.


Feeding Instructions:

Simply mix osmo-lyte Electrolyte Supplement with your horse's daily feed.

Follow the recommended dosage based on your horse's activity level and sweat rate.

Horses (500kg)
Maintenance 1 scoop or 30g
2 scoops or 60g
3 scoops or 90g
Scoop inclulded - 1 scoop = 30g




Natural flavours, sweeteners & dust suppressant.

Nutrient Levels per kg
Sodium 218g
Chloride 416g
Potassium 86g
Magnesium 17g
Calcium 33g
Betaine 50g
Phosphorus 22g
Carbonate 25g
Sulfates 67g


Storage Instructions:

Store in a dry place. Keep pack closed.

For animal supplementation only and not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.

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