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Kohnke's Own Cell Ultimate

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The Ultimate Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with Premium Functional Ingredients

The most all-inclusive, comprehensive dietary supplement is now available from Kohnke’s Own!  This scientifically formulated ration balancing supplement combines the most popular Kohnke’s Own supplements as a complete and premium formulation, saving you money and feed preparation time!

Cell-Ultimate is an advanced 4 in 1 supplement that contains

  • A full ration balancing vitamin, mineral and trace-mineral supplement (Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform®)
  • FABBY® for digestive health and function (including live probiotics, prebiotics and mycotoxin binders)
  • The extra nutrients essential to Reboot HOOF+® (maintenance rate),
  • A top-up of quality protein and essential amino acids.


Cell-Ultimate contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary to match the requirements and make up shortfalls of essential daily nutrients for all horses.  If you want more than just a general ration balancer for your horse, then Cell-Ultimate is the best choice!

Cell-Ultimate is especially helpful for horses in regular training or competition, for example, equestrian horses and even racing horses.  However, paddock ponies, aged horses or pleasure riding horses can also benefit from the comprehensive nutritional profile of Cell-Ultimate.

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Kohnke's Own Cell Ultimate