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Fly Buster Fly Boots

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Product description

Fly Buster Leg Guards are made with the same strong yet comfortable PVC mesh that we use for our Fly Masks. Now available with a gorgeous Ocean Blue trim and straps. 

Unlike other leg guards on the market these are designed to stay up!!!

Some of the brilliant features of these leg guards include:

  • Four strong and wide velcro closures
  • 70% UV blockout - not only stops sunburn but also assists horses that have photo-sensitivity
  • Small mesh that stops flies and insects
  • Soft fabric panel inside the fetlock area with elastic support to stop rubbing and keeps the leg guards in place
  • Can be washed on a gentle cycle
  • Available in PONY, COB,  HORSE and WARMBLOOD sizes

 Designed in Australia for Australian conditions. 

Price is for a PAIR of boots. 

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Fly Buster Fly Boots