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Carbon Tech Anti-slip Tail Guard

  • Sku: CTTG6136
  • Vendor: PE
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Product description

Inspired by armoured protection this tail guard features six Carbon Tech microfibre leather sections down the front of the tail guard providing advanced protection against abrasions and rubbing during transit. Microfibre leather is stronger than real leather and offers flexibility, allowing it to mould around the shape of the tail and provide great protection.

Engineered from a durable cotton and a cushioned 500g fill for protection and comfort, this tail guard will help absorb impact from knocks which commonly incur during travel. The high rise design offers maximum coverage over the top of the tail which is most susceptible to rubbing.

Four anti-slip gel strips have been strategically placed to help prevent slipping and the tail guard is secured by four elasticated Velcro straps that contour around the tail, providing even pressure.

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Carbon Tech Anti-slip Tail Guard