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Advanced E-Se

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Product description

Advanced ESe

Essential antioxidants you can trust .


  • Vitamin E and selenium supplement essential for maintaining muscle health

  • Vitamin E proven anti-oxidant with an important role in maintaining muscle membranes

  • Selenium is an essential trace element, proven to have excellent results in preventing muscle damage

  • Cost effective supplement for addition into feed

  • Excellent stability

  • High biological activity

  • Palatable

  • Available in 1 kg, 2.5 kg & 10 kg sizes

Active Constituents per 1kg

  • Vitamin E (d, l alpha-Tocopheral acetate) 66,667 IU

  • Selenium 66.67 mg (as sodium selenite)


15g daily provides 1000 IU Vitamin E & 1 mg Selenium

Formulated and manufactured in Australia

100% Western Australian owned and operated

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Advanced E-Se